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Getting heavy

Check out the 3wood in the “WOODS” page.  Wanted to post the dia de los muertos inlay.  At first I thought to myself, “how did we lay the skulls upside down”, then I realized it fit the theme perfectly.  I love building boards that evoke a mood when you stick it under your arm and head down to the water.





The 7 wood is a barrel bagger.  Made for big ocean beach but not huge ocean beach.  Made for slabs and nasty takeoffs.  This particular 7wood has 5 fins, a beaked nose and a tinted cut lap glass job.  Some might say it is a bit confused, I’d argue that it is a classy board with more vitality than most productions board.  6’7×19.25x37cuL.  Get in early and thread it.

New lams and tees

I designed a few new logos from scratch to use on surfboards and Tees and then had a silk screen burned in 230 mesh (very fine detail).  The logo style is a bit retro hipster but it’s what I had on my mind at the time.   Both Nate and Vincent we’re stoked on a couple of them and they’ll get used on their boards that we just finished.

Newest batch of lams

Newest batch of lams

The double wing sand wedge


stitched dwsw

We’ve all seen boards like this one – nothing earth shattering.  Started with a sandwedge.  Changed the outline to include the double wing round tail, while still maintaining the parallel rails that give this board tons of speed.  Tail rocker reduced 1/8″ (more drive while tail is loosened via wings).  Volume shifted to stringer and rail profile volume down a little to give a little more grab into the wave face so this board can be a bit more versatile.

no such thing as bad publicity

The marketing ladies at the office thought it would be good to pitch the work – life balance that we embrace at the firm.  This is what came of it.  My favorite part is the niblick that is showcased. Glassing was finished about 48 hours before the photo shoot.  I used a couple colors of water based spray paint (yes, rattle can) to create the aged patina look.  I also did a cotton inlay that was mid 50’s era bottle caps.  My favorite part of this photo is actually how the lighting highlights the bump in the outline of the board.  That is such a critical aspect of this board’s design, and the photo shows it off.  Kudos to waves of hope for their work – great group of people doing great stuff in Nicaragua.


the wedgie twin fin co-lab







Gary and I did the finish shaping on this “new – old” design.  The wedgie is a modernized version of the 70’s twin fins.  Certain elements are retained such as the 2:1 aspect ratio of the tail block width to swallow, the beaked nose and down rails.  Other elements of the board have been refined and modernized; rocker, foil, subtlety and transition of bottom contours and of course materials (Marko recycled EPS foam and Entropy Bio Resin).   We have some reclaimed redwood fins in progress that are a blend of classic keel and modern raked fins.  Since redwood is so soft, we started thin and did some preglassing on these to ensure their strength once glassed to the board.  Board dims at 5’8″ x 21.5″ x 36cuL.  Credit to Larry Mable of Kane Garden for inspiration on modernization of classic twin fins.

James of Sunset Shapers is going to glass this board since it will be an ECO BOARD (

Pics are taken during shaping.  Check back for a future post for finished project.

the 8iron


Its a high performance California board.  A little wider and flatter in the nose than an indo glass slipper.  Made for 3′-7″ surf being very versatile for beach/point/reef. Handles crud well, the board can be a little too fast for surf heading well over head high.

Nose rocker is 5.2″ and tail is 2.45″. Moderately progressive meaning that it does carry a bit of a flat spot and accelerating rocker toward nose and tail.  Standard dimensional ratios are 6’3″ x 19.5″ x 33.50cuL volume.  Board scales well down to a 5’11 and up to 6’6″ depending upon your size and weight.