I love making hand planes.  I pull out a couple boxes of supplies and horde the kitchen table for a few nights whenever I do a batch.  By using entropy epoxy bio resin, I’m able to work in the house without disturbing anyone (“smell, what smell?”).  It also allows me to accelerate the curing times by putting it in the oven at about 130*F for about an hour.  Heated curing is proven to increase strength and makes it possible to move through laminating steps without delays.  I can make a batch of 3 boards in 3 or 4 days worth of spare time between work and surf.

$150 is the going price for customs with color, inlays, etc.  Lets co-lab on one.

Have a broken board?  Want to put it to use?  I have kits with all the parts, cloth, resin, brushes, gloves and other items needed to make your own. The coolest part of the kit is the 7 page instruction manual that lays it out step by step.  If you are willing to put in about 6-10 hours to build your first one, you’ll love this project.  Time just depends on how detailed you want to be.  The one pictured about took about 6 hours to make but I have a bunch of experience which helps prevent having to redo certain time consuming steps.

An added plus to building your own hand plane is that you’ll have completed all the steps needed build your own surfboard (shaping, glassing, sanding) but without the huge commitment of time, space and costs required to build a surfboard.  You’ll also avoid the  the risk that your first design doesn’t work as pretty much all hand plane designs are super fun.

Kits are $85 including free shipping to continental US.  IMG_2364




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