We design and build custom boards. We aspire to producing more sustainable, durable, high-performance, and beautiful surfboards.  We help amateur and professional shapers by consulting with them to build their proprietary library of boards.  We collaborate with our customers without exception.

Collaboration Laboratories.  Co-lab.  CLsurfboards.  What an identity crisis.

Why name boards after golf clubs?

More than a couple of surfers have been criticized by non-surfing significant others about the number of boards in their quiver.  Does a golfer every get slack for having 14 golf clubs in the bag – no way.  By the concept that for every golf shot, there is the right club to use, we believe that for every wave there is the right board to ride.  So by this logic we figure 14 board quivers are just about right!  Lots of pro golfers have a couple sets of clubs, so this is something to explain to your non-surfing significant other if you find your quiver growing.

Where are you located?

We are in the The San Francisco Bay Area.  Specifically, the north bay, SF area and in Santa Cruz.  Boards are generally shaped in the SF area at one of a couple bays and depending upon the specific glassing objectives, glassed in the North Bay, SF or in Santa Cruz.


25% Recycled EPS Marco Foam.  Entropy BIO resin.  Wood fins are made from reclaimed redwood and cedar barn wood at the source in Sonoma.  Organic cotton inlays (rather than paint and to supplement fiberglass cloth strength).  ECO Boards are glassed at one of two production facilities with materials procured and handled directly from manufacturers so that we can certify that materials going into the board are as ECO conscious as possible.  ECO Boards that we manufacturer included the highest quality resin, fiberglass cloth and foam.  The concept of an ECO board is about reducing waste, so we ensure that we’re using the best quality materials to maximize the strength to weight relationship for the board so that it lasts under foot for as long as possible while maintaining all the performance qualities desired by the surfer.

What’s the collaboration process cost and how does it work?

The co-lab process is $100 per file.  The design collaboration process includes an initial discussion and you providing reference dimensions and concepts.  We’ll step away and provide a version 1.0 draft which includes actual reference dimensions, volume, rail profiles (slices) and 3D modeling. From here, we discuss design improvements including merits and downfalls of the contemplated changes.  The co-lab process is typically 3 versions and we go to manufacturing on the 3rd version after we spec out all the manufacturing elements to be included (fin boxes, glassing instructions, inlays, etc. etc. etc.).  At this point, you own the file for any and all future use.  You can use this as a reference point for future boards or to share with a shaper of your choice.

How much are finished boards?

Basic production poly/poly construction type boards are typically $500.00.  EPS is usually another $75.  Eco boards are usually $650 and have superior construction (Yes, I did just say ECO boards are better – see above).  This includes time collaborating on the design (see above).  We keep the costs down by having very low overhead (no marketing, no warehouse, no employees) rather than by cutting corners on quality of the craftsmen, materials or manufacturing process (i.e. China).  All boards are locally manufactured in various stages by professionals that we have great relationships with.  We do the finish shaping to ensure that the design features contemplated are carried all the way through the shaping process.

How to get in touch?

Email us.  We’re nice guys and will take the time to share our love of surfing and board craft.  For now you can reach us at sapdesigns at yahoo dot com. 

Also, check out http://rockingtheboats.wordpress.com




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