The “WOODS” are NOR CAL born and raised big wave chasers.  These boards are designed to get into big waves by carrying a lot of volume relative to length and outline but are also refined so that they surf really well in steep waves and can do big hacks into wave faces.



The smallest and most turn oriented board in the series is the 7 WOOD.  This 7WOOD is a 6’7″ x 19.5″ x 37cuL.

Rocker is 4.75″ @ Nose, 2.50″ @ Tail.

Bottom contours start with Vee in the nose to double to Vee/Double.  All of the contours are very very subtle = 0.10″ MAX.

PU blank with increased density foam. 6oz axial glass with a butterfly deck patch for 2nd layer of deck glass to reduce nose’s swing weight.

Recommend 5 fin setup.  The fin configuration is split perfectly between a 5 wood’s and a 4 iron’s.  It makes for a real balanced and predictable configuration that’ll hold its line in heavy conditions but be loose enough to adjust when you need to.

Optional beaked nose, cut laps and resin pinline for those who want a little more class.




The benchmark 5 WOOD is a 7’0″ x 20″ x 46cuL.

Rocker is 5.85″ @ Nose, 2.65″ @ Tail.

Bottom contours are rolled Vee in the nose to single to double to Vee/Double.  All of the contours are very very subtle = 0.10″ MAX.

PU blank, carbon vector weave bottom to rail wrap is designed to increase structural rigidity and to complement 1/2″ wide stringer in keeping this board in one piece while keeping the weight down.

6oz axial glass with a butterfly deck patch for 2nd layer of deck glass to reduce nose’s swing weight.

Quad fin layout is very important for mini guns and guns.  We’ve found that differences 1/4″ and you’re either too stiff or too loose and then you have to make compromises by changing out fins.  Since we have a couple of math guys behind the design, we have calculus concepts going into our fin placements in order to place them in relation to the outline and width of the board thus keeping the relationship in balance as board lengths and widths go up or down or as outline curves are changed.  You don’t want to have to experiment with fins when you’re in waves of consequence.


The 3 WOOD is a serious piece of hardware.  Made for chasing down big middle peak, outside noriega and this other wave in half moon bay.

This particular one is 8’11.66″ x 22.66″ x 3.66″ thick.  76.666cuL volume.  Nose rocker of 6.66″ and tail rocker of 2.88″. Not kidding about the dimensions – I think they fit the devil horn tail and dia de los muertos cotton print inlay.

Contours are Vee nose to very subtle double concave to vee double (spiral vee).  A lot of boards in this genre are intense VEE all the way through.  This creates a suction effect into the surface of the wave.  The 3 woods bottom contours are much more subtle and predictable – they do create some lift which loosens up this monster of a board.  It keeps the versatility of this design up compared to a lot of single purpose boards (ie. “mavs board”).  If I had to make one gun to cover a variety of big waves, this is the one.

Construction is Quad stringer (took an hour to shave this down), 3x6oz deck. 2×6 oz bottom.  Double leash plugs.  I hate to say this but… it was made to be dumped in a hurry and come back up in one piece.



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