Glassing lams

The “CL” mark reflects the process of collaboration and well thought out design and manufacturing qualities.  CL riders have influence if not full control of the shaping and manufacturing process and the results are outstanding. These are not custom one off boards they are the result of a library of board designs designed and tested over years by multiple surfers. Not just one shaper, designer, or surfer. Its a collaborative process.

You have access to all your cad/cam files so that your quiver can be emailed anywhere in the world then scrubbed and glassed by local manufacturers.

the 8iron


Its a high performance California board.  A little wider and flatter in the nose than an indo glass slipper.  Made for 3′-7″ surf being very versatile for beach/point/reef. Handles crud well, the board can be a little too fast for surf heading well over head high.

Nose rocker is 5.2″ and tail is 2.45″. Moderately progressive meaning that it does carry a bit of a flat spot and accelerating rocker toward nose and tail.  Standard dimensional ratios are 6’3″ x 19.5″ x 33.50cuL volume.  Board scales well down to a 5’11 and up to 6’6″ depending upon your size and weight.


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